Rear Window Timelapse


Amazing piece of work here by an artist going by jdesom. It features footage stitched together from Hitchcock’s Rear Window to give an overview of the entire film from many different perspectives at the same time. Flawless technical skill!

Walking On Air


This is a beautiful video filmed by astronauts onboard the International Space Station of our amazing planet. How lucky they are to get a first hand view like this, one that only a very small minority of us will ever get to see. It might be a little cliched, but when you see the Earth from this view doesn’t it make you wonder why there are so many people fighting over such silly things? It also makes me want to take better care of our planet. Maybe more people will get the chance to see this view when Richard Branson’s space tourism flights begin. Maybe he’ll have a cheap return ticket Ryanair-style?!

New York Timelapse

This is a remarkable work of art. The hours and effort that must have went in to create this New York City time-lapse leave me in awe. It captures the essence of such a frenetic city so well and the choice of song works brilliantly too. Brings back lots of great memories from holidays past. What an amazing city!

Credit: Mindrelic

Music: ‘Down To The Cellar’  by Dredg


Incredible Timelapse

You know of my love for time-lapse, but this is literally ‘out of this world’!

Clickety Click

599 Productions

Another timelapse video for you. I found this a long time back but still find myself viewing it every now and then to relax me. 599 Productions manage to scrape away the grittiness of the urban environment and show the overall exterior without the human mess. Great job, such talent!

Credit: 599 Productions

Music: Michael Nyman, Gatacca Soundtrack

Timelapse by Mike Flores


Found this amazing timelapse footage by Mike Flores on Vimeo today. I’m always intrigued by timelapse work as I think it shows a fascinating look at the stuff we see all around us everyday but don’t have the time to truly see. Great work Mike, I hope you don’t mind me linking to you Vimeo page, I think the more people that see you talented work the better.

Click on the image to watch his work.

Credit: Mike Flores

Music: Dream Is Collapsing by Hans Zimmer (taken from excellent Inception soundtrack)

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