The Simpsons Halloween Opening Credits

Guillermo del Toro’s take on The Simpson’s opening credits.
Lots of nods to horror classics but my favourite one here is The Birds. Check it out:

The Face Of Terror

The expressions on this baby’s face are priceless. He can’t decide if the sound of his mother blowing her nose is terrifying or hilarious.


Guilty, and he knows it!

This made me laugh. A pet owner uses his detective skills to figure out who the culprit is when there’s a food raid.

Click the image for link.

WTF Kitty

This is an oldie and has been sitting in my favourites for a few months waiting for me to post it. It might be old but it still gives me a giggle every time I watch it.



Another Inception post on here in as many months. A double too. Firstly, the cool Lego take-off, and secondly, click here and you will find a button that has many uses. It will shush people…it will add dramatic meaning to conversations… and will replace where the full stop would be at the end of all your sentences. Try it out. 

Take The Freakin’ Paper!

Made me chuckle. I’m enjoying animals dubbed as humans today. We’ve all been where this kitty cat has been before. Take the freaking paper, TAKE IT , Grrrr!

Clicketyness here.

What the WHAT!?

This gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘mobility’.

No description needed, just watch all 46 seconds if it’s the only thing you do today in its entirity!


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