Wall.E (with a kitten)

If you thought Wall.E was cute enough as it is, think again, this version has a kitten and a kid.
Admittedly, the kitten has no idea what is going on!

Sweet Cat and Dog Story

Just a little video that made me go “Ahhhhh!”

Aside from the horrendous name of the cat, this is very sweet.

Tennisball Vs Kitty

Completely freaked out pussy kitty. A tennis ball has never been so terrifying. Great musical editing to accompany this taught battle.

Click here.

Talking Dog

“Guess what?”


“I gave it to the cat!”


Genius dubbing over of a particularly cute dog with amazing ability to portray human emotion aboot (it’s a Canadian guy) food.


Cat And Dolphins

Ahhhhhhh, bless! Cats and dolphins do get along after all. More proof that both cats and dolphins are awesome! Click here for YouTube goodness that will make you  go ahhhhhhh!

WTF Kitty

This is an oldie and has been sitting in my favourites for a few months waiting for me to post it. It might be old but it still gives me a giggle every time I watch it.


Kitten Hugs

I kept waiting for something more to happen in this video, like the cat flipping out or meowing in a human voice. But no, it was just a little kitten being spooked by someone recording him and then cosying back up to his toy, ahhhhh!


Kitten Cuteness

Too cold for little kitten? Too cute video of ickle kitten’s first experience of snow. Stay watching til the end for the biggest wuss kitten escape plan. Kittens + snow = Too much sugary goodness even for the biggest of Grinches. AAhhhhhhh! 🙂

Cats v Crows

I can’t decide what element makes this brilliant. It’s either the ominous crows, the carefree white cat, the evil black cat, or the well-timed music. By the end I feel I’ve seen an epic fight and The Matrix has a run for it’s money with it’s near-bullet-time fight scenes. I can’t help but feel for the white cat who just seems to be going on about its day, only to be set upon by two crows and another cat. My only squabble with the video is…. well you’ll know by the end: Click

Cat In A Box

We’ve had ‘Cat In A Bin’ thanks to a deranged lady who had too much time on her hands and a disposition of EVIL, but now we have ‘Cat In A Box’. A far cuter and less offensive affair I assure you. This is why cats trump dogs. Dogs would be all “Oh, there’s a box, hmprh!”. Whereas cats are all “WOW A BOX! I wonder if I can fit in it or at the very least make it a pedestal for my awesomeness?!” That’s what I got from this kitty anyway. I think it’s true of most cats, some just like to tear stuff up and a minority like to do sweet F.A!

Watch this cat try to fit into boxes of decreasing sizes and make it look easy and elegant here.

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