Ballet Lightshow


I’m not one for dance or ballet but this is pretty amazing.

David Attenborough Narrates Everything!!!

Just because…

Team GB dance to “Do Your Thing” – Children in Need 2012


Congratulations to BBC’s Children in Need who last night raised an amazing £26.8 million.

To celebrate, here’s this summer’s Team GB and Paralympic GB athletes having some fun to Basement Jaxx’s ‘Do Your Thing’. Tom Daley will strip down for anything *rolls eyes*

The Shoes – Time To Dance (Official Video)

A tad graphic and violent but if you like your upbeat music accompanied by Jake Gyllenhaal as a serial killer, then this music video’s for you!!

TRON Dance

Very clever dance routine using ‘TRON’ suits. I wonder how the Macarena would look using these suits?! There’s almost a bullet-time effect in parts of this video.


Pop ‘n’ Lock

I almost gave up trying to screen cap this YouTube clip after seeing the moves of this little kid busting a’ move and wiping the floor with the decrepid old dude…I jest of course, I couldn’t keep up with either of them, but the kid did whip the older dudes ass. It’s like a proper Zoolander style dance-off with the audience “Oooohhh”ing and “Awwww”ing. Love it! Especially love an underdog being triumphant and the loser being gracious.

Click here for the clip.

Granny Fun

Not as disturbing as it might sound, these grannies are having a whale of a time using Photo Booth software to the sweet tunes of Black Eyed Peas hit ‘I Got A Feeling’. Bless there knitted cotton socks!! Here it is.

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