How Wolves Change Rivers

Living in London, this is not something that I have witnessed first hand. Foxes on the other hand…

Regardless, this short documentary is very interesting and it’s amazing to see how small changes can have massive repercussions.

If Only For A Second

David Attenborough Narrates Everything!!!

Just because…




I’m not sure how accurate or where they get their figures, but this real-time breakdown of various statistics around the world is pretty fascinating.

Check out how many cigarettes are being smoked!!

Life of Pi Official International Trailer

The new film from Ang Lee. Going by the trailer, this could be a terrific film. I haven’t read the book (yet) but it looks to be one of the inspiring, heart-warming movies – with a bloody great big tiger in a boat!

Inspirational Message of the Day

My mantra for life 🙂

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