Where I Went Today :-)

Sognsvann Lake


This has to be my favourite place to visit in Oslo. Sognsvann Lake (it’s under that snow there somewhere!) has a lovely 4km path to walk around it. It’s just outside the city and all you can hear is the sound of the odd cross-country skier, a dog barking or snow falling off the trees. Peace away from London šŸ™‚


USA Tornados

My heart goes out to all those effected by the devastating storms that have struck across the US in these freak tornado incidents. Shocking footage and unbelievable damage. Donate to your charity of choice to help those effected. Over 200 killed and thousands effected.

Click the image for news footage.

Poor Ol’ Oz

After last months devastatingĀ floods in the Brisbane area of Australia, you would hope that the country would not be dealtĀ such a blow as this. Tropical Cyclone Yasi made landfall on February 2nd just south of Cairns and is a category-five storm, the highest category for a storm of this kind. Thoughts and prayers are with everyone effected.

Link to the BBC news report.

Kitten Cuteness

Too cold for little kitten? Too cute video of ickleĀ kitten’s first experience of snow. Stay watching til the end for the biggest wuss kitten escape plan. Kittens + snow = Too much sugary goodness even for the biggest of Grinches. AAhhhhhhh! šŸ™‚

Homemade Spacecraft

I found this clip over at VimeoĀ and it’s well worth a looksie. These guys decided to try to send a camera up into the upper atmosphere using a weather balloon hoping to capture the footage of its incredible ascent. What I like about this is the way it’s constructed like an experiment for a science class at school but clearly an incredible amount of forward planning, effort and expertise went into it. The footage is beautiful to watch and it showed me just how small we are but how much we can achieve. This is not NASA or the European Space Agency sending a billion $ satellite into space, but can you imagine the things that the child in the video learned from this experiment?! Lots I’m sure. To teachers out there, get your hands on a weather balloon and blow some pupils minds.

by the way if you’re viewing this via non-Flash supported device (you know who you are – rhymes with Snapple), be sure to check it out on a PC when you get a chance.

Clickety click here for the link.

Rain Rain Go Away

Bloomin’ miserable day today weather-wise. I haven’t left the house all day, but I did find a cool little app for iPhone which takes retro style photos with a variety of cameras and lenses. It’s called ‘Hipstamatic’ and is available from the App Store.

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