Another fascinating video documentary over on Vimeo.

This one marks the fortieth anniversary of the famous photo of Earth taken from space. The planet was likened to a ‘blue marble’ and became an iconic photo.

This documentary looks at astronauts experience of seeing the Earth for the first time from space.

Click the pic to go to Vimeo to watch it.


360 Degree Night-Sky Time-lapse

Photo Geekery

Gigapixel Photos

I enjoy a nice photo, have been known to dabble in picture taking and have even sold a few photos too.

But what’s better than a photo that stays the same? One that changes, that’s what!

Check out these SUPER hi-resolution photo projects of various places around the world. Pan from side to side, up and down, and make use of the INSANE hi-resolution goodness and zoom in. And then zoom in some more!

Click here or on London above.

Process a negative with your brain…

This is pretty clever. (via: Michael Zhang post)

Stare at the coloured dots on this negative image for at least thirty seconds and then look at a white wall and blink rapidly and see what happens.

If London Were Like Venice

It’s been very dry here in London so far this Spring, but here’s a reminder as to what it’s like most of the time in the capital and what it will be like when the sea levels rise…

I wonder if the canal boat drivers will have road rage and begrudge paying the congestion charge?!

Granny Fun

Not as disturbing as it might sound, these grannies are having a whale of a time using Photo Booth software to the sweet tunes of Black Eyed Peas hit ‘I Got A Feeling’. Bless there knitted cotton socks!! Here it is.

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