Fail Compilation September 2011

My favourite is at the 6:25 mark:


A bloke making a huge pyramid out of domino’s.  Of course you know what is going to happen, but the body language at the end speaks volumes as to how it must’ve felt for him. Tee Hee!

More EPIC Fails

A compilation of some of 2010’s most EPIC failures. Some are stupid but others are the work of fate in a genius way. There’s a lot of idiots in this video and some clips look terrifying but for the most part it should provide you a few laughs. The lorry and the motorway bridge walkway is horrendous but I still get a laugh out of the girls doing ‘sexy time’ on the make shift stripper poles. Enjoy here.

Christmas Is Over Already!

Look away kids! Christmas is flat, dead and buried…

“Oh No!”

Video here.

Pop ‘n’ Lock

I almost gave up trying to screen cap this YouTube clip after seeing the moves of this little kid busting a’ move and wiping the floor with the decrepid old dude…I jest of course, I couldn’t keep up with either of them, but the kid did whip the older dudes ass. It’s like a proper Zoolander style dance-off with the audience “Oooohhh”ing and “Awwww”ing. Love it! Especially love an underdog being triumphant and the loser being gracious.

Click here for the clip.

I Heart America

There are lots and lots of FAIL videos on YouTube and this one celebrates the United States Fails. Hilariously funny. Remind me never to do a flaming Sambuca EVER again!

Don’t feel bad America, there are a whole load of other countries available on twisternederland7‘s YouTube Channel for the whole world to enjoy (except for China of course, where YouTube is banned).

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