More EPIC Fails

A compilation of some of 2010’s most EPIC failures. Some are stupid but others are the work of fate in a genius way. There’s a lot of idiots in this video and some clips look terrifying but for the most part it should provide you a few laughs. The lorry and the motorway bridge walkway is horrendous but I still get a laugh out of the girls doing ‘sexy time’ on the make shift stripper poles. Enjoy here.

Falling Skies

This looks like it might be worth a watch in 2011. Executive produced by Steven Spielberg and written by Saving Private Ryan‘s Robert Dodat, this is (another) alien invasion story. What’s with all the aliens in 2010/2011? I guess vampires and werewolves are out of fashion [bye-bye Twilight ūüôā ]

This does actually look quite cool and with Spielberg behind it, it should be epic. Staring Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood, Falling Skies arrives next summer on US network TNT, and the rest of the world sometime thereafter.

Trailer here.

Cats v Crows

I can’t decide what element makes this brilliant. It’s either the ominous crows, the carefree white cat, the evil black cat, or the well-timed music. By the end I feel I’ve seen an epic fight and The Matrix has a run for it’s money¬†with it’s near-bullet-time fight scenes. I can’t help but feel for the white cat who just seems to be going on about its day, only to be set upon by two crows and another cat. My only squabble with the video is…. well you’ll know by the end: Click

People Have Talent

In contrast to previous posts of epic fails, I thought this epic win video was needed. Illustrating what human beings are capable of in death-defying stunts. Especially admiring the dude that dives from an insane height and the little Asian girl who performs a perfect hand brake turn on her scooter. Clickety click here for YouTube video goodness.

Inception Trailer

I loved Inception and downloaded the soundtrack immediately after watching¬†it at the cinema. I like a lot of Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack work, from Gladiator to Batman Begins/Dark Knight. It might be said the music in the¬†trailer for Inception is rather dramatic and horn-of-plenty but it works well. Love it!¬†This little trailer re-dub works perfectly and enhances the greatness/epic-feel. I am jesting, but it’s fun nonetheless and well done to whoever made it for the lip-synching and hilarious musical accompaniment. Additionally, Inception is an awesome film and should most definitely be viewed at the cinema if you get the chance. Go…now!

YouTube alternative-dub trailer here.

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