Norway 2013

Sognsvann Lake

Day 1 — 27th January 2013

This is my second trip to Norway. I had been wanting to go back since my last visit in 2010, for two reasons. Firstly it would be nice to pay my cousin a visit who lives in Oslo and secondly I wanted to see the Northern Lights. I had heard that the winter of 2013 would be a good chance at seeing the lights due to it being a peak period in solar activity (which is key to the Northern Lights). So, my visit to Norway would consists of two stops. I got a cheap flight with Norwegian Air over to Oslo, where I would spend a bit of time catching up with my family and then catch a connecting flight to Tromsø, the most northerly university city in the world. More on Tromsø later…

Leaving Gatwick, I was treated to nice ascent over London and could see the Thames and a little glint of sunlight reflecting off something which turned out to be The Shard poking out of the London skyline.

Before and After

Arriving in Oslo, there was a bit of snow on the ground but my cousin had told me there hadn’t been much in the way of snow recently but that it had been bitingly cold. Like -20C cold! Thankfully, I think the weather had swung in my favour a little as temperatures had risen and some snow had arrived. I do like a trudge around in the snow!

Having settled in to the apartment for a bit, I was taken on a little jaunt around the city to familiarise myself and get my bearings. We enjoyed a bite to eat in Peppe’s Pizza where I quickly remembered how expensive food and drink is in Norway! Day one basically consisted of a lot of walking about – went to the local park by the river and saw several small waterfalls that were partially frozen over, kids sledging and so on. Lovely winter weather.

Loads of ducks about, these were the ones who weren’t clever enough to fly south for the winter. I was told because of this, a lot of them die off as a result of the cold and there being a lack of food for them. My cousin encouraged me to feed them if I had any bread on me during me stay. Peppe’s Pizza was good, but there wasn’t anything left over to feed the ducks as I was equally hungry. We enjoyed a pizza that had nachos as a topping which is quite common it seems. Probably not great for the waistline though, but screw that because I was on holiday!

Cold Ducks

Today we also stopped by Oslo Cathedral (which was very grand inside), The National Gallery of Norway (where I saw some of Edvard Munch’s collection – including The Scream), as well as a very strange gallery which was showing an installation of several video art pieces which I did not get at all because they were in Norwegian and also came across extremely pretentious.

Aside from that, all in all a nice introduction day to Oslo with plenty of walking and sights seen.

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