Wall.E (with a kitten)

If you thought Wall.E was cute enough as it is, think again, this version has a kitten and a kid.
Admittedly, the kitten has no idea what is going on!

Ozzy the Weasel

Sweet Cat and Dog Story

Just a little video that made me go “Ahhhhh!”

Aside from the horrendous name of the cat, this is very sweet.

Ticklish Meerkat

What more is there to say?!

Chinchilla In A Glass – ’nuff said!

You don’t see much of these animals as pets these days. That’s because someone is keeping them in wine glasses somewhere. Click pic for YouTube video.

Cat And Dolphins

Ahhhhhhh, bless! Cats and dolphins do get along after all. More proof that both cats and dolphins are awesome! Click here for YouTube goodness that will make you  go ahhhhhhh!

Cute Hedgehogs

A gallery of Awww! Strange little animals but undeniably cute.


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