Oh to be happy and carefree…

This clip makes me yearn for youth again. Something about this husky running madly through a pile of leaves reminds me of my yoof and being told not to run through leaves (for fear of treading in dog shit – really? come on!!). This dog looks to be having the time of his life and reminds me of Phoebe’s running skit in Friends. Run like no one’s watching! Jump! Flail about! Dive bomb! Perhaps I have become Rachel and need to veer a bit towards Phoebe’s outlook on life. Leaves…here I come!

Wet Dog


That is one hyper puppy!

Cute Hedgehogs

A gallery of Awww! Strange little animals but undeniably cute.


Crazy Rats

Eeesshk! Check out this dirty crazy Up Himself Rat in action.

Rats chasing cats! Who’d have thunk it: Click the pic.

What the hell?

This CCTV footage show just how far this Twilight phenomenon has gone. Wolves roaming about, showing off, taking over the motorways. What will come next? Next we’ll have Christopher Lee dressed in full Dracula garb sauntering around the M25 in an endless loop screaming “Team Vampire!”

This footage is very random to me. But perhaps this is an everyday occurence in Russia? Either way, I like how the cop who pulls the suspected criminal over looks death in the face and scampers away into the criminals car to escape the ravenous animals. A new take on ‘aiding and abetting’. Who is whom? Yes I used the whom word… but correctly?

Click here for the YouTube clip.

Possibly The Cutest Thing EVER!

…Yup, it’s a monkey riding a piglet, but not in a weird way!

Somewhere deep in the Chinese countryside, these sickos play tiny, miniature horseracing. But instead of using little people on horses, they train cute orphaned monkeys to ride equally cute piglets for sport. What’s this awful world coming to?!

Not really, well I hope not. This little clip of a monkey clinging for dear life to its adopted piglet friend is pure joy. The little squeaks the monkey lets out as he runs to catch up with his mate when he falls off is so endearing. I was all “Aw, get back on, get back on!” I love how the piglet just doesn’t give a damn and trots around looking for scraps to eat and squeezes through railings with his very own monkey jockey riding along with him.

Click here for a ray of sunshine to brighten your day 🙂

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