5★ Sochi

Russian Dos and Don'ts

So Sochi is in full swing now. Aside from the Olympic rings not opening properly (and these becoming available from appropriately named ‘DeadRingerDesign’), Germany’s AMAZING pro gay silent protest uniforms and there not actually being very much in the way of real snow at the Winter Olympics, everything has been win-win for Russia.

An Olympic athlete photographed and posted the above pic from the Sochi Olympic Village where he or she was staying. Just in case any of the athletes do not know how to use a toilet, Russian officials genius’s have come up with a how-to guide. The first two I get, but what the hell is going on with the ‘No Fishing’ and ‘No Cocktail Parties on the Floor’ graphics. Those are both totally acceptable in our household!

There’s been quite a bit of coverage about the Olympic Village athlete’s accommodations and their state of disrepair. Following on from the hugely successful London 2012, let’s face it, anything and everything was going to be crap in comparison. However the full extent of Sochi’s Village of Horrors can be seen here.

On a brighter note, best of luck to all the athletes competing. I am of course rooting for the Jamaican bobsled team. Cool Runnings!!

We Love Russia Compilation, August 2012

Destination Russia for my next holiday!! There are so many WTF moments in this video. Keep your eyes peeled for a horse chasing a dog.

Crazy Rats

Eeesshk! Check out this dirty crazy Up Himself Rat in action.

Rats chasing cats! Who’d have thunk it: Click the pic.

What the hell?

This CCTV footage show just how far this Twilight phenomenon has gone. Wolves roaming about, showing off, taking over the motorways. What will come next? Next we’ll have Christopher Lee dressed in full Dracula garb sauntering around the M25 in an endless loop screaming “Team Vampire!”

This footage is very random to me. But perhaps this is an everyday occurence in Russia? Either way, I like how the cop who pulls the suspected criminal over looks death in the face and scampers away into the criminals car to escape the ravenous animals. A new take on ‘aiding and abetting’. Who is whom? Yes I used the whom word… but correctly?

Click here for the YouTube clip.

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