How Wolves Change Rivers

Living in London, this is not something that I have witnessed first hand. Foxes on the other hand…

Regardless, this short documentary is very interesting and it’s amazing to see how small changes can have massive repercussions.

David Attenborough Narrates Everything!!!

Just because…

What the hell?

This CCTV footage show just how far this Twilight phenomenon has gone. Wolves roaming about, showing off, taking over the motorways. What will come next? Next we’ll have Christopher Lee dressed in full Dracula garb sauntering around the M25 in an endless loop screaming “Team Vampire!”

This footage is very random to me. But perhaps this is an everyday occurence in Russia? Either way, I like how the cop who pulls the suspected criminal over looks death in the face and scampers away into the criminals car to escape the ravenous animals. A new take on ‘aiding and abetting’. Who is whom? Yes I used the whom word… but correctly?

Click here for the YouTube clip.

The Lion King Don’t Take No Sh*t!

I stayed at the MGM Grand in Vegas back in 2009 and saw these cute ickle lions for myself. I thought it odd that folk (trained or not) would get in with them and pretend like they are kindred spirits and not WILD INSTINCTIVE animals. This guy sure found out the hard way. If you take a deep breath you can smell him poop his pants when the daddy lion decides he’s had enough and wants to regain control of his kingdom. The lions are kept in a glass enclosure within the hotel for the gamblers to come and see between losing all their money and encouraging addiction to blackjack. I believe they are a pride of lions that are rotated to and from the hotel on a daily basis so that they are not kept in a small enclosure for any length of time. They seemed pretty content to me when I was there and the tank was quite large, but I guess this one lion decided he’d had enough and wanted some fresh meat. He took a gamble (boom boom!) and lunged for the stupid guy that thought it was ok to get in a tank with a lion…A LION! Domesticated or not, I wouldn’t chance it. I like the way the lady lion comes to the guys aid and is all “Calm down Daddy lion, stop attacking the lowly human! He brings us fresh meat and provides us with chips for the craps table!” He ain’t having any of it though, and after strutting away all high and mighty, decides to come back for some more. Thats’s where the video ends, we can only hope man learnt his lesson = not to mess with The Lion King!

Video here.

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