News Reporter Shows Off His Pronunciation Skills

A reporter speaks, with ease, about a lady in Hawaii who refuses to change her awesome name for the authorities. Showing off his tongue-twister bashing skills, her name rolls off his tongue not once but twice without him even pausing for a chance to think about it.
Those elocution lessons from Mummy when he was a tot certainly paid off!

Shake Weight

Kristen Wiig demonstrates


This ‘exercise’ equipment is hilarious!


Long, stabby thing

Hilarious news anchor footage from Australia. This is a discussion about how to defend yourself from intruders in the night that goes awry and filled with innuendo.


The Social Network(s)

Fox News in Dallas put together this funny spoof of how other rival news stations are overusing the multitude of social networks to reach out to the masses. Very amusing and done well, it’s worth a look. I decided to applaud you, Fox News DFW, by uploading your spoof onto my blog and help make others aware of your video…oh wait! I’ve fallen victim to the meaning behind your spoof. DAMN YOU INTERNET!!

Enjoy here.


There was a robbery in a supermarket somewhere in the US recently. The details aren’t really important as this woman performs a robbery of her own and TOTALLY steals focus away from the crime.  She was interviewed by the local news station and the resulting report is what the internet was made for. Pure magic!

Original news report here, or for the far superior account with music and lyrics (you can sing-a-long with her!) click the link below…

Musical version here.

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