Google Zeitgeist 2013

Google sums up the year 2013 in a minute and a half. Bit short but there are some truly remarkable moments in this short clip. Be inspired!

Innovative Thinking

Interactive CV

I stumbled across this interactive resume for a chap called Robby Leonardi. What a great idea!

This is much more eye-catching that a boring side of A4 filled with boasting of work achievements. I hope he’s in work because this is truly a fresh approach to job seeking.

Web Therapy

I can’t praise this internet tv show enough. I stumbled upon it a few years ago when looking at Lisa Kudrow’s IMDb page and have followed it ever since. Lisa Kudrow is a comedic genius in my opinion and these webisodes are a great show of her talent and far removed from Phoebe Buffay’s quirky silliness. Sponsored by LStudio, Web Therapy has so far had three seasons and has a strong list of guest appearances by the likes of fellow Friends star Courtney Cox as well as Alan Cumming, Meryl Streep, Molly Shannon, Jane Lynch and many others who you might not recognise by name but you’ll know them by face.

Fiona Wallice is a therapist who tries and convicts her patients via a short 10 minute web therapy session over a webcam. Her methods are at best selfish, contrived and always have some underhanded agenda with or without her patients knowledge. She is a cool, dark and calculated character and Lisa Kudrow deserves more acknowledgement for this brilliant web series. I dearly hope this returns for a further fourth season. Each webisode is a mere ten minutes or so and the banter is so quick-witted and sharp. Wallice has a razor-sharp and icy tongue and watching the bitchiness unfold is sheer brilliance.

Link here to LStudio. All three seasons are free to watch with no hidden kinks. Enjoy!

Brilliant Lost Dog Poster

You’ve got to appreciate the owners honesty on his lost dog poster. In all fairness, the dog does look as though he’s (pardon the pun) on meow meow.

By the sounds of it Klaus can hold his own and I’m sure he’ll find some bitch to shack up with this Christmas.

Sky-diving…The Safe Way

These crazy Japanese kids have WAY too much time on their hands!


The MP3 Experiment

I love the Improv Everywhere guys and their unique videos. In this clip, 3000 participants downloaded an MP3 track and loaded it onto their iPods before heading out to various retail stores in Times Square. The MP3 consisted of a voice giving the participants instructions. Best to just watch the clip for yourselves to see its ingenuity.

The MP3 Experiment.

Cat In A Box

We’ve had ‘Cat In A Bin’ thanks to a deranged lady who had too much time on her hands and a disposition of EVIL, but now we have ‘Cat In A Box’. A far cuter and less offensive affair I assure you. This is why cats trump dogs. Dogs would be all “Oh, there’s a box, hmprh!”. Whereas cats are all “WOW A BOX! I wonder if I can fit in it or at the very least make it a pedestal for my awesomeness?!” That’s what I got from this kitty anyway. I think it’s true of most cats, some just like to tear stuff up and a minority like to do sweet F.A!

Watch this cat try to fit into boxes of decreasing sizes and make it look easy and elegant here.

More Contagious Laughter

Following on from Lisa Kudrow’s outtakes on Friends, I bring you Ellen DeGeneres’s best laugh out loud moments from her chat show. This is what unemployment brings: daytime TV hysteria. Some very contagious funny moments here. Ellen seems like such a nice person.

People Have Talent

In contrast to previous posts of epic fails, I thought this epic win video was needed. Illustrating what human beings are capable of in death-defying stunts. Especially admiring the dude that dives from an insane height and the little Asian girl who performs a perfect hand brake turn on her scooter. Clickety click here for YouTube video goodness.

The Social Network(s)

Fox News in Dallas put together this funny spoof of how other rival news stations are overusing the multitude of social networks to reach out to the masses. Very amusing and done well, it’s worth a look. I decided to applaud you, Fox News DFW, by uploading your spoof onto my blog and help make others aware of your video…oh wait! I’ve fallen victim to the meaning behind your spoof. DAMN YOU INTERNET!!

Enjoy here.

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