Google Zeitgeist 2013

Google sums up the year 2013 in a minute and a half. Bit short but there are some truly remarkable moments in this short clip. Be inspired!

More Oprah Reveals

I have recently been introduced to the big Oprah prize reveals (I know, where have I been?! We don’t really get her in the UK). I previously posted on Winfrey and thought I’d add this little mini-post to complement it. I would totally watch the episode illustrated by this gif!

For more funny gifs, click here.

Pop ‘n’ Lock

I almost gave up trying to screen cap this YouTube clip after seeing the moves of this little kid busting a’ move and wiping the floor with the decrepid old dude…I jest of course, I couldn’t keep up with either of them, but the kid did whip the older dudes ass. It’s like a proper Zoolander style dance-off with the audience “Oooohhh”ing and “Awwww”ing. Love it! Especially love an underdog being triumphant and the loser being gracious.

Click here for the clip.

People Have Talent

In contrast to previous posts of epic fails, I thought this epic win video was needed. Illustrating what human beings are capable of in death-defying stunts. Especially admiring the dude that dives from an insane height and the little Asian girl who performs a perfect hand brake turn on her scooter. Clickety click here for YouTube video goodness.

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