Surface to Structure

Clever origami creations to go on display in NYC.

These always blow my mind. Very clever and highly skilled.


God, I love Veep and I have a bit of a thing for Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She’s awesome – watch Veep for proof!

Is it me, or is American politics just cooler than UK politics?! I can’t imagine Maggie Thatcher, Neil Kinnock or Gordon Brown aping themselves like this.

The President of the USA


That is all…

I Heart America

There are lots and lots of FAIL videos on YouTube and this one celebrates the United States Fails. Hilariously funny. Remind me never to do a flaming Sambuca EVER again!

Don’t feel bad America, there are a whole load of other countries available on twisternederland7‘s YouTube Channel for the whole world to enjoy (except for China of course, where YouTube is banned).

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