Star Trek Cast Old & New

Chris Shatner

Ever wondered what the old cast of Star Trek would look like with their faces schmooshed together into those of the new cast? Well, wonder no more!
Click here for the evidence!

Beauty In Decay

I came across this book last year sometime when it was showcased in one of tabloids here in the UK. It’s Beauty In Decay by Romany WG and it showcases some of his incredible photography around derelict urban environments. Challenging what people believe to be beautiful, Romany WG’s book shows beauty in the unlikeliest of places, from abandoned factory buildings to hauntingly creepy old mental asylums. I’m not sure what I’d classify as beautiful but the images I have seen are intriguing and very illustrative. Urban photography is quite ‘in’ right now (so I’ve been told) and I’m sure these types of images will be re-created by countless artists.

I’ve seen some criticism regarding the use of HDR in work like this, but I think that is just one aspect to the bigger piece. Composition, light and colour are often strikingly beautiful (see attached images below), added to the sense of the places in the photography as being somehow off-limits and We are getting a glimpse into some kind of underground world.

I’m yet to buy the book for a proper nosey, but if any insight is welcome.

Link at Amazon UK

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