Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Tribute in LEGO


If the animator was working at 24 frames per second, they would’ve had to make 14,616 miniscule adjustments to the Lego in order to make this video. Absolutely incredible and they must have the patience of a saint.

(Even if they were working at 12 fps, that’s still 7,308 adjustments)

Scream 4 Review

Ghostface: Welcome home, Sidney. You’re a survivor, aren’t you, Sidney? What good is it to be a survivor when everyone close to you is dead? You can’t save them. All you can do… is watch!

I went to see Scream 4 last night. I’d been looking forward to this being released since I heard of it being brought out of retirement a year or so back. I’ve been an avid fan of the horror/comedy Scream franchise from the get go so was happy to see this despite the relatively low rating of Scream 3. I wasn’t disappointed. Although I’m older and more hardened viewer these days, and albeit the horror side of things are pretty much gone these days when concerned with this type of film, I thoroughly enjoyed the frights and comedy in Scream 4, plus the poster (above) is amazing artwork.

After so long away from the cinema, the rules in Scream 4 could very well be thrown out as we just don’t know whether Sidney Prescott, Gale Weathers (Riley), or Dewey Riley are here just for cameos and could very well be killed off a la Drew Barrymore style in the original Scream. No spoilers here so I’m saying nowt whether our original cast make it through to the final credits. Great turns from a supporting cast of Hayden Panettiere, Kristen Bell, Anna Paquin, the president from Battlestar Galactica (looking very face-lift indeed) and Annie from the excellent Community (didn’t even recognise her at first with her foul mouth!).

This was the first of the Scream franchise to be lower than a UK 18 certificate so I was expecting less shocks, blood and gore, but these days you have to be pretty sick to achieve an 18 rating. It was actually the bloodiest and goriest of the franchise but sadly lacked the same chill factor of the original. I say orignal because I think the novelty wore off pretty quickly after Scary Movie spoofed the spoof and contributed to the demise of this type of movie. That being said, the original cast and crew do a fantastic job in revitalising this series of films into something that hopefully will lead to more from the hilarious comedy/horror set of films. Harking back to Scream 2 which saw the opening scene set in a cinema screening Stab (a movie version of the ‘true events’ of the Woodsboro murders – from Scream 1), the cinema I watched Scream 4 at was as close to that experience as I’ve ever experienced in the UK. We’re a serious bunch in the cinema here in the UK. Not much whooping or cheering, even clapping. But that scene in the beginning of Scream 2 had the American audience screaming and running about pretending to be Ghostface and what not. Wasn’t quite the same in Wimbledon cinema yesterday but by the end at least half the audience had shrieked or fist punched the air after a Sidney Prescott bad-ass moment. I even clapped at the end – we’re very civilised us Brits after all…. “What’s your favourite scary movie?”

Four out of five stars says me. Bring on five.

Look Who’s Back!

New trailer for Scream 4

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Scream 3. Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette are back for a fourth installment of the slasher flick, joined by newbies Rory Culkin, Hayden Panettiere, Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell amongst others. I thoroughly enjoyed the last three films, albeit the last one being admittedly a bit below par. So I’m tentatively looking forward to this one, and I have a feeling that even the original cast members aren’t safe from Ghostface’s shiny knife.

Scream 4 comes out on the 15th of April 2011 in the US. 

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