I Shot The Serif

Fun and slightly addictive little shooting game. If you hate serif fonts, then this is your Grand Theft Auto!


Forbidden Friendship [HTTYD]

Just done watching Dreamworks How To Train Your Dragon.

I was very pleasantly surprised by this film. I would say Dreamworks is doing great work in catching up with PIXAR in the Box Office sales and have always found their animated films to be of extremely high quality (even going so far as to write an essay about The Prince of Egypt for my degree). HTTYD didn’t really appeal to me via the trailer when it first came out at the cinema, but I guess I had forgotten the ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ rule and by-passed the movie. I added it to my LOVEFilm list sometime later and when it arrived I still couldn’t be that bothered to watch it. But… it was brilliant! The animation is astounding, but the film has a lot of what PIXAR has to a fine finesse – heart! The scene where the lead character bonds with the dragon is an absolute highlight. Amazing attention to detail, real emotion and a beautiful soundtrack. Click here for said scene via YouTube.

The Others are coming…

Happy Halloween everyone. I’ve had quite a busy weekend so I’m only just getting around to post for All Hallows Eve. I recorded – yep I’m old school – ‘The Others‘ on Film4 last night and just got round to watching it. I had forgotten what a brilliant film it is. It’s filled with suspense and drama, and surprisingly good child actor performances (I’m not a fan of kid actors *cough Dakota Fanning*) as well as a top-notch turn from Nicole Kidman and my good ol’ LOST favourite Fionnula Flanigan as Mrs Mills. I had a look on iMDB for other performances by the cast and was suprised to see very little extra work for the outstanding son and daughter after this film. Great work by each!

I love the ending and won’t ruin it for those who haven’t seen it, but after nine years this film still stands up to its counterparts and should be on everyone’s film list if they haven’t seen it already and on everyone elses re watch list. Spooooky good times!

Trailer here

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