Photoshop Transformation Music Video


Photoshop is a great tool, without a doubt, but this French music video highlights the moral implications of its use in society these days. Everyone knows that models and celebrities are ‘Photoshopped’ on the front of magazine covers but I didn’t realise the extent of the tools power. This can be seen in this music video where some French singer warbles on as her face is retouched and transformed from perfectly pretty to a Mila Kunis look-a-like.

I’ve no idea what she is singing about; she could be singing “My face looks so much better Photoshopped” “I worship the power of Adobe” but judging by the tone of the video, I think it’s a statement about how unrealistic and unattainable Photoshop perfection is.

Note: This is not Adobe Photoshop being used in this video. I use the term as readers will generally know of the verb ‘to Photoshop’.

Via Brittany High at Vimeo

A True Diva In The Making

This little girl illustrates why ‘Pushy Mothers’ should be culled. How frustrating to watch her warble “And I…..yeee……ayyyyy” “Fuck!” to no end. Sounding like a young lads voice breaking, she needs to stop and re-evaluate her career prospects and update her music taste. Seriously, this Whitney track was No.1 when I was a youth in the 90s, try a little Britney or Cheryl Cole, that way you can lip-synch your way to star-dom. Hearing such profanity from such a young sprite is weird too, where do they learnt these words from? Oh yes, Us! Tut tut! X-Factor awaits.

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