Super Slow Motion

I’ve just returned from the Barbican in London having experienced The Rain Room exhibit and discovered my Canon S100’s ‘super slow motion’ function and become a little obsessed by it.

I hadn’t much time to realise that the setting was on the lowest possible resolution whilst filming and therefore the quality is pretty poor for my effort (video number one), but a little investigating found that the cameras capable of delivering higher resolution similar effects costs £1000s and way out of my reach in terms of affordability. And so, here is a collection of an effect that has become a little bit of an obession and more appreciated by me due to its techincality. Enjoy….



Rain Rain Go Away

Bloomin’ miserable day today weather-wise. I haven’t left the house all day, but I did find a cool little app for iPhone which takes retro style photos with a variety of cameras and lenses. It’s called ‘Hipstamatic’ and is available from the App Store.

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