Enterprise Retires To New York

As the NASA space shuttle program comes to a close, a series of commemorative flybys by the remaining craft are producing some amazing sights as they glide over famous landmarks in the US. Here the Space Shuttle Enterprise flies over New York as it comes to land at JFK International Airport before being retired to the USS Intrepid Air and Space Museum. As one of the women being interviewed says in the news report, it is also poignant that the shuttle was able to fly over Manhattan with cheering crowds as New Yorker’s have taken back their skies. I’m sure Enterprise will be a very popular tourist attraction when it is installed on the Intrepid. It is a sad day though to be sure as it is an end of era for the US and it’s manned space exploration. Hopefully something new is being designed, a space craft that will continue the exciting work of its predecessor.

Trek – Spencer & Antfood


I came across this song by way of the current Emirates advert on the tv at the moment. It’s by Spencer and Antfood and is called Trek. I believe it was made especially for the advert but the song is just great. It’s very catchy and has a lovely feel to it. Have a listen in the YouTube video above 🙂

Crocs Away!

The cause of a plane crash in the African Congo back in August is reportedly being investigated after claims by the only survivor that the crash happened because of an escaped crocodile onboard. Sounds a bit too Snakes On A Plane to me, to be believed. Of course I don’t mean to offend the families and friends of those that actually died in this very real tragedy, but you just know that they’ll make some straight-to-DVD movie out of this, and a Samuel L. Jackson look-a-like will utter the words: “Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking crocs on this motherfucking plane!”

Click for news report.

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