More EPIC Fails

A compilation of some of 2010’s most EPIC failures. Some are stupid but others are the work of fate in a genius way. There’s a lot of idiots in this video and some clips look terrifying but for the most part it should provide you a few laughs. The lorry and the motorway bridge walkway is horrendous but I still get a laugh out of the girls doing ‘sexy time’ on the make shift stripper poles. Enjoy here.

A True Diva In The Making

This little girl illustrates why ‘Pushy Mothers’ should be culled. How frustrating to watch her warble “And I…..yeee……ayyyyy” “Fuck!” to no end. Sounding like a young lads voice breaking, she needs to stop and re-evaluate her career prospects and update her music taste. Seriously, this Whitney track was No.1 when I was a youth in the 90s, try a little Britney or Cheryl Cole, that way you can lip-synch your way to star-dom. Hearing such profanity from such a young sprite is weird too, where do they learnt these words from? Oh yes, Us! Tut tut! X-Factor awaits.

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