JJ Abrams new show ‘Alcatraz’ started on FOX last week. As a fan of Alias, Lost and Fringe, I was really looking forward to this. Did it live up to my expectations? Yes.

It has a great premise and a central mystery, the latter that only Abrams knows how to craft so perfectly. Sam Neill grated on my initially, but if I think back to when Fringe first started, the character of Walter drove me mad and he is now one of my favourite things about the show. So hopefully the same will go for Sam Neill! I was also pleasantly surprised to see Parminger Nagra on the cast. Won’t say anymore to avoid spoilers but the pre-premiere trailer is above for anyone who’s curious.


The Event

I just found this little trailer for what looks like an intriguing new show premiering on NBC on Monday September 20th 9/8c.

It looks to be big budget with a high production value, plus it has the awesome Kerry Weaver in it from ER! Despite the trailer being over four minutes long, nothing much is given away in terms of plot and I get the feeling the show might be taking a leaf from the LOST tree with its mysterious intrigue. If it’s anywhere near as good as LOST was I will be a happy chappy. Good to see promising new shows coming up, especially after losing so many last year. I still think Flashforward was culled before it’s time, and it actually got pretty good mid-way through the season and kept it’s quality right through to the end. I do agree it was a bit of a slow start for it. Hopefully things will not go the same for The Event!

Check out the NBC website here and the HD trailer here

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