Wall.E (with a kitten)

If you thought Wall.E was cute enough as it is, think again, this version has a kitten and a kid.
Admittedly, the kitten has no idea what is going on!

Tennisball Vs Kitty

Completely freaked out pussy kitty. A tennis ball has never been so terrifying. Great musical editing to accompany this taught battle.

Click here.

Kitten Hugs

I kept waiting for something more to happen in this video, like the cat flipping out or meowing in a human voice. But no, it was just a little kitten being spooked by someone recording him and then cosying back up to his toy, ahhhhh!


Kitten Cuteness

Too cold for little kitten? Too cute video of ickle kitten’s first experience of snow. Stay watching til the end for the biggest wuss kitten escape plan. Kittens + snow = Too much sugary goodness even for the biggest of Grinches. AAhhhhhhh! 🙂

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