Adult Wednesday Addams

Adult Wednesday Addams

I meant to post this on Halloween but got side-tracked by creating my Halloween Costume for a party (no photos on here – too horrific!).

I thought this was quite funny and worth a post. Ever wondered what happened to Wednesday Addams after the marvellous Addams Family Values? Well she went on to almost lead a normal life evidenced here in these videos chronicling her day-to-day life. Be sure to check out all the videos as they’re all evilly quirky!

The Others are coming…

Happy Halloween everyone. I’ve had quite a busy weekend so I’m only just getting around to post for All Hallows Eve. I recorded – yep I’m old school – ‘The Others‘ on Film4 last night and just got round to watching it. I had forgotten what a brilliant film it is. It’s filled with suspense and drama, and surprisingly good child actor performances (I’m not a fan of kid actors *cough Dakota Fanning*) as well as a top-notch turn from Nicole Kidman and my good ol’ LOST favourite Fionnula Flanigan as Mrs Mills. I had a look on iMDB for other performances by the cast and was suprised to see very little extra work for the outstanding son and daughter after this film. Great work by each!

I love the ending and won’t ruin it for those who haven’t seen it, but after nine years this film still stands up to its counterparts and should be on everyone’s film list if they haven’t seen it already and on everyone elses re watch list. Spooooky good times!

Trailer here


A new Snickers commercial for Halloween munchies. This terrifies me! Like a cross between the Bride Of Wildenstein and Bo Selecta, this doesn’t want to make me buy Snickers for Halloween, but buy all the Snickers in the world so that this never happens to me at the Supermarket EVER! Frightening stuff, but I guess that’s where they were going with this.


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