The Caketrope of Tim Burton’s Team

This is amazing work done by Tim Burton’s team of designers. I wish I knew how it was done. Some kind of voodoo trickery?!


An Idiot Abroad: Chinese Delicacy

I hope not to be an ‘Idiot’ abroad when I visit Beijing and Shanghai next week, but I just remembered this clip from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s brilliant ‘Karl Pilkington’s An Idiot Abroad’ Sky1 show, and completely share Karl’s sentiments regarding food. What would give someone an idea to eat a fetus? Or a scorpion? Toad? Hmmm! I do want to have¬†genuine Chinese experiences when I am away and am going to try to encourage myself to at least try some of the more colourful cuisine. Where is a good place to start for a beginner? Centipede? Cricket? I am firmly NOT promising anything!!

Talking Dog

“Guess what?”


“I gave it to the cat!”


Genius dubbing over of a particularly cute dog with amazing ability to portray human emotion aboot¬†(it’s a Canadian guy) food.


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