Dolphin Intelligence

Everyone knows dolphins are intelligent, but here’s the proof. A bunch of dolphins in an aquarium in Baltimore have been studying themselves in a mirror showing indications that they recognise themselves – something only a handful of other animals can do, including ourselves. This clearly shows they can think and are sentient. Watch them swim around the mirror, they are able to realise they are seeing themselves instead of another of their species. They can track marks on their own bodies and even stick their tongues out and playfully have fun in the mirror. This is groundbreaking in that it shows how there are other highly intelligent mammals we are cohabitating with and ethical points arise. We really do need to be more aware of our choices towards other animals and show more respect to their well-being. More concern to fishing methods and captivity standards are among the few that spring to mind. Dolphins might be smiling at us for a reason… perhaps they know more than they are letting on, or are able to communicate verbally.

Watch the full CNN report here.

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