Adult Wednesday Addams

Adult Wednesday Addams

I meant to post this on Halloween but got side-tracked by creating my Halloween Costume for a party (no photos on here – too horrific!).

I thought this was quite funny and worth a post. Ever wondered what happened to Wednesday Addams after the marvellous Addams Family Values? Well she went on to almost lead a normal life evidenced here in these videos chronicling her day-to-day life. Be sure to check out all the videos as they’re all evilly quirky!

Salad Fingers

This animated series is utterly terrifying. Perhaps it’s just me, but I was seriously creeped out by this. I’ve watched the first three episodes, all the while thinking to myself ‘what the hell is the animator on?’

Despite this, I felt compelled to blog it to here the creepiness with the world. Watch Salad Fingers here.

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