Lucky Escape!

I don’t know why this driver felt the need to film his car journey along a busy motor-way in Canada, but he captured an incredible crash involving a lorry, the central reservation and thankfully nobody else. His calm and quick reactions are no doubt the reason he is still alive. My ‘favourite’ part of this clip though is not the death-defying stunt itself. It’s the way the guy replies to his wife when she asks “Are you okay?”


Crocs Away!

The cause of a plane crash in the African Congo back in August is reportedly being investigated after claims by the only survivor that the crash happened because of an escaped crocodile onboard. Sounds a bit too Snakes On A Plane to me, to be believed. Of course I don’t mean to offend the families and friends of those that actually died in this very real tragedy, but you just know that they’ll make some straight-to-DVD movie out of this, and a Samuel L. Jackson look-a-like will utter the words: “Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking crocs on this motherfucking plane!”

Click for news report.

What the WHAT!?

This gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘mobility’.

No description needed, just watch all 46 seconds if it’s the only thing you do today in its entirity!


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