John Lewis Christmas 2012


Love this. Besides from being a sweet advert at Christmastime, the thing I like about this is its simplicity and the way they have magae to show the emotion on the snowman’s face using just acouple of stones and sticks. Happy Christmas all…

Trek – Spencer & Antfood


I came across this song by way of the current Emirates advert on the tv at the moment. It’s by Spencer and Antfood and is called Trek. I believe it was made especially for the advert but the song is just great. It’s very catchy and has a lovely feel to it. Have a listen in the YouTube video above 🙂


A new Snickers commercial for Halloween munchies. This terrifies me! Like a cross between the Bride Of Wildenstein and Bo Selecta, this doesn’t want to make me buy Snickers for Halloween, but buy all the Snickers in the world so that this never happens to me at the Supermarket EVER! Frightening stuff, but I guess that’s where they were going with this.


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