Quentin Tarantino: ‘I’m shutting your butt down!'”

What an absolute dick!

Sorry to be a hater but Tarantino comes across as a spoilt brat in this interview. He can’t handle these questions which are legitimately relevant to society these days. You can’t deny Tarantino enjoys his violence in his movies. I think it’s also fair to say that there are more violent acts carried out these days as a result of what we see in the movies. Controversial! Just my opinion (and that of a couple of hundred million people).

Krishnan Guru-Murthy is a bit a of legend to me after seeing his interview skills.

Josie Wins



And so the 11th and final series of (regular) Big Brother came to end last night with Bristolian Josie Gibson triumphing to win the £100,000 prize with a record 77.5% of the public vote.

From the start of this series of BB, Josie was favourite to win with her bubbly personality and sense of humour bringing in the fans. It seemed she had no competition throughout the series, until the introduction of Sam Pepper in week 8. Personally, I thought Sam should have been in the house from the start. He has been compared to Marmite, with people saying you either love him or hate him. It was a travesty that he was evicted before the finale as he was pure entertainment to watch as he riled up his fellow housemates, just for a laugh. The bookies had him as a sudden favourite to win shortly before his eviction, as BB bosses held a vote to evict instead of a vote to save as they usually do in the final week. Alas, Sam Pepper was booted out leaving the final five: Josie, Dave, Mario, Andrew and JJ. Out of that lot, it was a no brainer that Josie had it in the bag, and good on her too. She’s been consistently real and entertaining from start to finish, and I’ll remember her for her motivational speech “Whenever I feel a bit low, I always think about that woman who got her face ripped off by a chimpanzee.”

She left the house (bare foot) to cheers and fireworks, £100,000 better off and with a new BF as well in the shape of tempestuous Australian John James. During Josie’s interview with Davina, she happily announced she would give away £20,000 to cancer charity Clic as well as buy ex-fellow housemate Steve some new legs. Her stint out of the house for a quick interview and paparazzi pose was brief, as she re-entered the house as BB11 winner and one of 11 new housemates taking part in the two and a half week Ultimate Big Brother to finish the series off…forever! ‘Favourite’ past housemates from both the regular and celebrity versions of the show are now vying to be crowned the ultimate housemate.

I thought BB11 was a pretty good send off for the show. It had a return of the sinister Tree of Temptation with its evil secret tasks being dished out to the housemates. It had, uncharacteristically for BB, a lot of love in the house. With the exception of Shabby and John James, everyone seemed to get along with one another which might sound boring from a viewer’s point of view, but it found its entertainment value in other ways. The tasks, for instance, were brilliant. One of my favourites was Ignore The Obvious where the housemates had to refrain from reacting to unannounced, increasingly more random occurrences. A difficult thing for Corin with her tendency to pronounce “Oh my God! I can’t believe that! Can you? Can you believe it?”

Not a memorable task but certainly memorable, a recent downpour of rain caused a flash flood in the house as rainwater collected on the roof and began dripping profusely from the ceilings of the compound. I watched, mouth open, as the house fell apart, furniture being soaked and carpets ruined. It seemed as though the house would have to have extensive repair work done on it, but what would this mean for the remaining housemates? Would this be an abrupt end to the show? It wasn’t, thankfully, as producers somehow managed to fix everything in no time. 

I do think it’s a shame that Big Brother is no more. I get that viewing figures are down and the contestants are essentially now just going in for their five minutes of fame by behaving idiotically, but over it’s 11 year stretch it has provided us with some great moments. I do have a sneaky suspicion that we have not seen or heard the last of BB in some way,shape or form quite just yet…

For my favourite moment of BB11 click on this delightful picture of Corin:

Corin vs The Moth

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