New Discovery Found!

Ok not really a real discovery but I wanted to share this brilliant digital art of what a real Smurf might look like.

Hats off to


Another very talented artist created this very playful animation drawing on retro video game inspiration. The compositing is amazing and clearly a lot of work went into making it.

As with The Third & The Seventh be sure to watch and in full screen. Link here.

Credits: Patrick Jean and One More Production

The Third & The Seventh

This video is nothing short of astonishing and I should’ve posted it ages ago. It was made by a very talented chap called Alex Roman.

Apart from how beautifully put together the film is and how soothing the music is (a revision of a track from Michael Nyman’s soundtrack to Gattaca), the true triumph here is the technical genius behind it, as for EVERYTHING you see is computer generated. I have never up until now seen such photo-realistic and natural CG/Animation before.

Click here and be sure to watch in HD if you can.

Credit: Alex Roman

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