Androids Rise To Fame

Neat animation to illustrate mobile company Android’s rise to fame over the past few years broken down by continent. Apple may no longer be the monopoly it thought it was with so much competition on the market. I don’t know how this graphic compares to Apple sales but the visuals are pretty striking for Android. Plus it’s pretty to look at ūüôā

YouTube link here.


I was recently recommended by a friend to have a look at¬†this site and consider using them to¬†make my business cards. I’m in the process of setting up as a freelance photographer and need to get some proper cards made as opposed to the ‘printed off at home’ crappy ones I was using.

What I liked about Moo¬†was its quirkiy¬†design. It’s online design function¬†is incredibly easy to use (albeit it took me ages to upload my pictures, but that was my fault as they¬†were very big files) and the ability to customise our design is also great. There is a gallery of existing standard design s for you to choose from, or you can upload your own images, designs and graphics to make something truly unique. There’s also a load of other people’s work being showcased to give you inspiration should you need it.

My mini-cards arrive next week, and I’m excited to see what they look like.

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