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85th Academy Awards

Click image for full-resolution gloriousness

Click image for full-resolution gorgeousness

It’s nearly time for the luvvies of Hollywood to congregate at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles for the 85th Academy Awards. To celebrate the 85th year, a wonderful poster has been produced by artist Olly Moss.

Like the Aliens poster that I posted previously, this one requires a closer look too. Click the image for the full resolution image of the poster.

85 statuettes standing to mark the 85 years of the Oscars, each statuette adopting the persona of the film that won the Best Picture Award for that particular year. Quite an achievement with some of them so subtle, you might find it hard to figure out which film it represents. Check out 1988s statuette and be amazed at the subtlety!

How many can you get right? Here’s a full list of winners year by year to see how well/badly you did.


Baftas 2011

So it was pretty much King’s Speech, King’s Speech, King’s Speech, King’s Speech, King’s Speech, all night long. Inception won a couple and Black Swan’s Natalie Portman won Best Actress, but she couldn’t be here in the UK because she was preggers. Most of the winners seemed to be off elsewhere doing more important things like filming, acting on Broadway, rather than being available to pick up their awards in Britain, which left a sour taste in my mouth that they couldn’t be arsed to attend the BAFTAs. I bet you a leprechaun’s shamrock they will all turn out in force for the Oscars though. Baftas aren’t quite the same. It goes: Oscars, Golden Globes, then Baftas (at best between Cannes etc).

Jonathan Ross actually did a fair job tonight despite being an eejit recently, and Helena Bonham Carter was sublime. Andrew Garfield kept providing weird insane facial tics when the camera got to him when Social Network didn’t win something. Miranda Richardson looked positively livid when she was passed over in the Best Supporting Actress role. What happened to the gracious face? I saw veins in her temples and all the works. All in all, my favourite moment of the Baftas is split in two.

Number two… Rosamund Pike stumbling through an autocue failure about non-actors. Something about screenwriters being amazing and bringing them to life, blah blah blah. Without being told what to say about the underlings, she was struggling a lot. Turning to Dominic Cooper for help, he was a shit and left her fumbling alone by asking for permission to “walk off stage”. Heroic!

Overall best bit though goes to Christopher Lee. What a phenomenon! He’s 88 and still planning to be in The Hobbit (in Production). I couldn’t believe the change in his appearance though since he was in LOTRs. With the aid of a walking stick he accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award for British Film, but he had clearly aged in the last few years and looked very frail. Still, he delivered a great acceptance and I wish him well for his continuing work. Good on him and I hope he continues to bless us with more achievements.

PS> Inception should’ve won more! I was bored with The Kings Speech by the end of the awards and I hadn’t even watched it. Congratulations Colin Firth (blah blah blah)

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