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I Swear It Wasn’t Me!

For those who aren’t familiar with UK’s Loose Women daytime TV show , it’s kind of the US equivalent of The View. But evil!

It consists of a series of women who hate men and have somehow managed to get funding to produce a show where they cackle and brew potions live on TV in the pretence of a talk show. I am disappointed in certain cast members (Kate Thornton, I stuck up for you in the X Factor debacle) but others pinch a nerve with me. CAROL MCGIFFIN! This ‘loose’ woman hurts my senses. But I promise it was not me that did this: MSNUK report.

I by no way condone any kind of violence, but perhaps this was an act of God? I literally cringe and run out of the room whenever this show comes on the telly. It looks like I’m not alone in the world regarding the topic. Some random bloke took a disliking to her and walloped her one in the street. Whoops! Glad she wasn’t hurt and took it light-heartedly, but to fully understand my opinion, please Google “Carol McGiffin” in images and you might get a glimpse of the horror that comes to UK daytime TV.

For legal reasons I must insist, IT WASN’T ME!

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