American Horror Story: Asylum. “The Name Game”

Loving the second season of American Horror Story.

Producer, Ryan Murphy, injected a little influence from his other show (Glee) into episode ten, entitled “The Name Game” where Jessica Lange’s character broke out into song. Shame it was all in her head as she suffers from delusions following electro-shock therapy.


Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Tribute in LEGO


If the animator was working at 24 frames per second, they would’ve had to make 14,616 miniscule adjustments to the Lego in order to make this video. Absolutely incredible and they must have the patience of a saint.

(Even if they were working at 12 fps, that’s still 7,308 adjustments)

Team GB dance to “Do Your Thing” – Children in Need 2012


Congratulations to BBC’s Children in Need who last night raised an amazing ¬£26.8 million.

To celebrate, here’s this summer’s Team GB and Paralympic GB athletes having some fun to Basement Jaxx’s ‘Do Your Thing’. Tom Daley will strip down for anything *rolls eyes*

Trek – Spencer & Antfood


I came across this song by way of the current Emirates advert on the tv at the moment. It’s by Spencer and Antfood and is called Trek. I believe it was made especially for the advert but the song is just great. It’s very catchy and has a lovely feel to it. Have a listen in the YouTube video above ūüôā

The Shoes – Time To Dance (Official Video)

A tad graphic and violent but if you like your upbeat music accompanied by Jake Gyllenhaal as a serial killer, then this music video’s for you!!

NewPort State of Mind

Forgot to post this months ago. A truly brilliant spin on Alicia Keys ‘Empire State of Mind’. The original was awesome but this remix brings it to the masses of, well, Wales. Jokes… these two have made a fantastic homage to the original. Loving it!

“Put your hand in the air for a taxi, 50 quid if you’re sick in the back seat” sums up (broken)¬†Britain in a tea-cup.


Brandon Flowers

I’m just in from attending Brandon Flowers gig at Brixton¬†Academy. I feel very lucky that a good friend had a sudden, unexpected, spare ticket going at the last-minute¬†and I managed to tag along for good times. What an amazing gig. I like the Killers, but Brandon Flowers first solo album really caught my ear. Crossfire was brilliant and I was grabbed by the majority of the songs on the album. Hearing him live was something else. What a talent. Clearly not lip-synching he sung each song with such individualistic verve it had me (a non-dancer) dancing enthusiastically and singing along without a care.

We were even treated to a few Killers tracks and a cool rendition of Bette David Eyes. See links below for videos. In the meantime be sure to buy Flamingo the solo album by Brandon Flowers.

Playing With Fire

On The Floor and Crossfire


Only The Young

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