Oh to be happy and carefree…

This clip makes me yearn for youth again. Something about this husky running madly through a pile of leaves reminds me of my yoof and being told not to run through leaves (for fear of treading in dog shit – really? come on!!). This dog looks to be having the time of his life and reminds me of Phoebe’s running skit in Friends. Run like no one’s watching! Jump! Flail about! Dive bomb! Perhaps I have become Rachel and need to veer a bit towards Phoebe’s outlook on life. Leaves…here I come!

Montage time – The Last Thing You See

News Reporter Shows Off His Pronunciation Skills

A reporter speaks, with ease, about a lady in Hawaii who refuses to change her awesome name for the authorities. Showing off his tongue-twister bashing skills, her name rolls off his tongue not once but twice without him even pausing for a chance to think about it.
Those elocution lessons from Mummy when he was a tot certainly paid off!

Wet Dog


That is one hyper puppy!

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