Ricky Laughing at Karl Throughout ‘An Idiot Abroad’

I’m not a huge fan of Ricky Gervais but I love this little compilation of scenes from Sky 1’s brilliant “An Idiot Abroad” series. The show follows Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s friend Karl Pilkington as he travels the globe giving his enlightened views of the seven wonders of the world. Some of the stuff Karl comes out with is priceless comedy gold, and I still cannot tell whether he is genuinely that grumpy and stuck in his ways or whether it is all an act for the sake of tv. The clip below is a compilation from the final episode where Karl returns home and shares his travels with Ricky and Stephen, but a quick search on YouTube will bring up some more of Karl’s actual travels. Well worth a watch!

Earth | Time Lapse View from Space | Fly Over | Nasa, ISS

Amazing time-lapse photography of the Earth from a camera mounted outside the International Space Station. Look out for the lightning strikes and the aurora borealis.

American Horror Story

I’ve just started watching this new show by the co-creators of Glee. It couldn’t be more different from the sugar-coated cheesiness of Glee though and (the Pilot especially) scares the bejeezus out of me. The premise is simple; family move into a LA mansion which cost next to nothing as its previous owners ended up dead (as dead the ones before them, and the ones before them). The couple and their daughter soon find out the house is a star attraction on a LA ‘Murder Tour’ for tourists. There are some seriously twisted and messed up elements to the show – the biggest for me being Rubber Man, who lurks about in the house silently. Starring Connie Briton and Dylan McDermott as the couple and Vera Farmiga’s younger sister Taissa Farmiga as their daughter, they soon find out more about the house’s history as a mad doctor once used it for helping out young lady’s who found themselves pregnant. Some of the themes are very dark indeed and the show is not for the feint-hearted with plenty of gory moments. There is a fantastic supporting cast, with Frances Conroy as the dutiful (in more ways than one) maid and Jessica Lange as the mysterious, nefarious and altogether blunt  next door neighbour.

While it is essentially a haunted house plot that may or may not have been told many times before, the mystery behind the plot and the ingeniously creepy elements bring everything together nicely and leaves me wanting to find out what will happen next. Highly recommend!!

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