R.I.P Leslie Nielsen

Rest In Peace Leslie Nielsen. What a shame this comedic genius has passed. At 84 years old he has provided us with classics like Airplane and The Naked Gun (+sequels). So many memorable lines and having grown up with Airplane being a film being watched over and over, I wish him well in the afterlife. Surely he will be missed…”Don’t call me Shirley!”

Leslie Nielsen 1926 – 2010 @imdb

Best of YouTube clip.

Cats v Crows

I can’t decide what element makes this brilliant. It’s either the ominous crows, the carefree white cat, the evil black cat, or the well-timed music. By the end I feel I’ve seen an epic fight and The Matrix has a run for it’s money with it’s near-bullet-time fight scenes. I can’t help but feel for the white cat who just seems to be going on about its day, only to be set upon by two crows and another cat. My only squabble with the video is…. well you’ll know by the end: Click

Pop ‘n’ Lock

I almost gave up trying to screen cap this YouTube clip after seeing the moves of this little kid busting a’ move and wiping the floor with the decrepid old dude…I jest of course, I couldn’t keep up with either of them, but the kid did whip the older dudes ass. It’s like a proper Zoolander style dance-off with the audience “Oooohhh”ing and “Awwww”ing. Love it! Especially love an underdog being triumphant and the loser being gracious.

Click here for the clip.

Salad Fingers

This animated series is utterly terrifying. Perhaps it’s just me, but I was seriously creeped out by this. I’ve watched the first three episodes, all the while thinking to myself ‘what the hell is the animator on?’

Despite this, I felt compelled to blog it to here the creepiness with the world. Watch Salad Fingers here.

Oh For The Love Of GOD!!

I pray the Lord this doesn’t happen with Loose Women. I seriously wonder what in the hell they are pumping into the audience’s air to make them behave like wild beasts when the Oprah-God speaks. It frightens me how much power one person can hold. “OMG…I Have ELBOWS!”

For the love of Christ, shut the Fuck up! Retire already! Click

Granny Fun

Not as disturbing as it might sound, these grannies are having a whale of a time using Photo Booth software to the sweet tunes of Black Eyed Peas hit ‘I Got A Feeling’. Bless there knitted cotton socks!! Here it is.

Crazy Rats

Eeesshk! Check out this dirty crazy Up Himself Rat in action.

Rats chasing cats! Who’d have thunk it: Click the pic.

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