Another Inception post on here in as many months. A double too. Firstly, the cool Lego take-off, and secondly, click here and you will find a button that has many uses. It will shush people…it will add dramatic meaning to conversations… and will replace where the full stop would be at the end of all your sentences. Try it out. 

I Heart America

There are lots and lots of FAIL videos on YouTube and this one celebrates the United States Fails. Hilariously funny. Remind me never to do a flaming Sambuca EVER again!

Don’t feel bad America, there are a whole load of other countries available on twisternederland7‘s YouTube Channel for the whole world to enjoy (except for China of course, where YouTube is banned).

The Social Network(s)

Fox News in Dallas put together this funny spoof of how other rival news stations are overusing the multitude of social networks to reach out to the masses. Very amusing and done well, it’s worth a look. I decided to applaud you, Fox News DFW, by uploading your spoof onto my blog and help make others aware of your video…oh wait! I’ve fallen victim to the meaning behind your spoof. DAMN YOU INTERNET!!

Enjoy here.

Crocs Away!

The cause of a plane crash in the African Congo back in August is reportedly being investigated after claims by the only survivor that the crash happened because of an escaped crocodile onboard. Sounds a bit too Snakes On A Plane to me, to be believed. Of course I don’t mean to offend the families and friends of those that actually died in this very real tragedy, but you just know that they’ll make some straight-to-DVD movie out of this, and a Samuel L. Jackson look-a-like will utter the words: “Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking crocs on this motherfucking plane!”

Click for news report.

Look Who’s Back!

New trailer for Scream 4

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Scream 3. Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette are back for a fourth installment of the slasher flick, joined by newbies Rory Culkin, Hayden Panettiere, Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell amongst others. I thoroughly enjoyed the last three films, albeit the last one being admittedly a bit below par. So I’m tentatively looking forward to this one, and I have a feeling that even the original cast members aren’t safe from Ghostface’s shiny knife.

Scream 4 comes out on the 15th of April 2011 in the US. 

Brandon Flowers

I’m just in from attending Brandon Flowers gig at Brixton Academy. I feel very lucky that a good friend had a sudden, unexpected, spare ticket going at the last-minute and I managed to tag along for good times. What an amazing gig. I like the Killers, but Brandon Flowers first solo album really caught my ear. Crossfire was brilliant and I was grabbed by the majority of the songs on the album. Hearing him live was something else. What a talent. Clearly not lip-synching he sung each song with such individualistic verve it had me (a non-dancer) dancing enthusiastically and singing along without a care.

We were even treated to a few Killers tracks and a cool rendition of Bette David Eyes. See links below for videos. In the meantime be sure to buy Flamingo the solo album by Brandon Flowers.

Playing With Fire

On The Floor and Crossfire


Only The Young

It Gets Better

After a spate of teenage suicides in the US, a new awareness initiative has been endorsed by several prominent celebrities to bring light to the troubles and stigma affecting youngsters struggling to come to terms with themselves. I applaud those behind the scheme in their efforts to help impressionable youngsters who may be questioning their sexuality. The issue of suicide amongst all young people must be dealt with equally and I am very much supporting this new initiative as a way of promoting equality and understanding. There are many more high-profile celebs promoting this cause, please Google ‘It Get’s Better’ for more info. A worthy cause indeed.


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