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Sue Sylvester is one of those tv characters that rarely comes along. Jane Lynch has created an amazingly twisted, evil (and yet likeable) adversary for those Gleeks that everyone is talking about. Attached is a link to the Sue Sylvester Facebook appreciation group. Why not join and receive your favourite Sue quotes via your news feed?!

New episode yesterday:

Sue: (to Santana) Oh, and Boobs McGee – you’re demoted to the bottom of the pyramid so when it collapses your exploding sandbags will protect the squad from injury. Now take your juicy, vine ripened chest and get the hell out of my office.


Best of YouTube video


Urgh! This man grates on me. When he started out on mainstream radio via Capital FM he was initially funny but his arrogance has grown to beyond what I tolerate in everyday life. Why the BBC pay him at all is beyond me. He moans about not having been paid for two months. I haven’t had a paycheck for over a year. It’s called a recession jackass. Be grateful for the thousands of pounds you rake in each week for being obnoxious and big-headed. Hopefully your arrogance didn’t stop you from putting some of that money aside to tide you over like the rest of us had to. And for once I’m glad the TV licence fee has not gone in the pocket of a Beeb employee.

Full story here, via BBC News website.

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