Cruise Liner In Rough Seas

Poseidon wannabees, this cruise ship hit bad weather and some crazy waves recently as this onboard CCTV shows. I laugh semi-seriously as it actually looks terrifying upon repeat viewings. The kitchen cabinet nearly crushing someone proves this. No more to be said, just enjoy the motion the of the ocean here. You are permitted to laugh a little, but just a little!

The Lion King Don’t Take No Sh*t!

I stayed at the MGM Grand in Vegas back in 2009 and saw these cute ickle lions for myself. I thought it odd that folk (trained or not) would get in with them and pretend like they are kindred spirits and not WILD INSTINCTIVE animals. This guy sure found out the hard way. If you take a deep breath you can smell him poop his pants when the daddy lion decides he’s had enough and wants to regain control of his kingdom. The lions are kept in a glass enclosure within the hotel for the gamblers to come and see between losing all their money and encouraging addiction to blackjack. I believe they are a pride of lions that are rotated to and from the hotel on a daily basis so that they are not kept in a small enclosure for any length of time. They seemed pretty content to me when I was there and the tank was quite large, but I guess this one lion decided he’d had enough and wanted some fresh meat. He took a gamble (boom boom!) and lunged for the stupid guy that thought it was ok to get in a tank with a lion…A LION! Domesticated or not, I wouldn’t chance it. I like the way the lady lion comes to the guys aid and is all “Calm down Daddy lion, stop attacking the lowly human! He brings us fresh meat and provides us with chips for the craps table!” He ain’t having any of it though, and after strutting away all high and mighty, decides to come back for some more. Thats’s where the video ends, we can only hope man learnt his lesson = not to mess with The Lion King!

Video here.

Scott Pilgrim Versus The World

I went to see this film at the flicks the other night and it is downright one of the weirdest films I have seen in ages. I know nowt of the comic books and was very sleepy when I sat down to watch, but it still struck me as funny, entertaining, action-packed and off kilter. It starts off relatively normal with a nice comic book style to it (‘DING DONG’ popping up on-screen when the door bell goes and lightning bolts coming out of the guitars the main characters play). I thought this was very stylistic. Twenty minutes in and suddenly it goes full hell for leather with the stylisticness (a word?). Michael Cera is fast becoming one of my favourite comedic actors and the supporting cast add to this films likeability. Kieran Culkin was good as Cera’s gay room-mate with some good one-liners, and Cera’s girlfriend Knives Chau (yes her name is Knives!) is funny as the young, dumb and smitten GF.

The plot follows Cera as he meets Ramona Flowers and quickly falls head over heels with her. To win her affections he must defeat her seven evil exes…in a fight to the death. It’s all very PG and the fact that as he defeats them (via death) it’s all glossed over in a Super Mario-style winning of coins as opposed to blood and guts. It is very stylistic and congrats to the production designer for realising this strange mix of reality and anime-esque alternative universe. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but well worth a look. Plus it has a welcome return to the big screen for Brandon Routh (aka: new Superman) who hasn’t really made an impact after his stellar turn as The Man Of Steel.

IMDB page here, and trailer here.

Spaghetti Cat

More random animal joy for you to savour. This is a relatively old one but I wanted to include it on here as it’s one of my favourite things of all time. *Must get out more*

Spaghetti cat arose from an interview on The Morning Show (like a US lesser equivalent of This Morning) and immediately became awesome. During an interview with a couple of drink driving scruds, the camera feed suddenly, and inexplicably, cuts from the studio and Spaghetti Cat became famous. He has lots of YouTube fan videos and there was even a song for him. Click below to see the birth of a legend…

Spaghetti Cat

Possibly The Cutest Thing EVER!

…Yup, it’s a monkey riding a piglet, but not in a weird way!

Somewhere deep in the Chinese countryside, these sickos play tiny, miniature horseracing. But instead of using little people on horses, they train cute orphaned monkeys to ride equally cute piglets for sport. What’s this awful world coming to?!

Not really, well I hope not. This little clip of a monkey clinging for dear life to its adopted piglet friend is pure joy. The little squeaks the monkey lets out as he runs to catch up with his mate when he falls off is so endearing. I was all “Aw, get back on, get back on!” I love how the piglet just doesn’t give a damn and trots around looking for scraps to eat and squeezes through railings with his very own monkey jockey riding along with him.

Click here for a ray of sunshine to brighten your day 🙂

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