My New Venture

Recently I have been tending a stall at my local craft fair in an attempt to try to start a small business in Photography ( The area I live in is steeped in history, with William Morris and Admiral Nelson being linked to the area. I remember going to Merton Abbey Mills craft fair as a child and always used to find it a great day out. I vividly remembering learning to walk on stilts (albeit child versions) and looking at all the intricate things that the artists had on display for sale.

Now I’m all grown up, I have my very own stall with a modest starting display of photographic prints for sale. I will be adding gradually to the stock¬† on offer, hoping to make calendars, cards and larger prints, but also making myself available for commissions, varying from family portraits to special events. More details to follow on this ūüôā For enquiries, click the link to my website above and leave your questions via the ‘contact’ page.

Going back to Merton Abbey, I just want to try to promote the venue as a whole as in these economic times of struggle, the market has seen a decline in footfall. It is such an amazing space, situated on the River Wandle¬†(a tributary to the Thames), it features a working watermill, children’s theatre, lively bandstand and a good variety of stalls to peruse and experience. Don’t be afraid to come and have a chat with the stall holders, we’d be far happier to talk to you than sit quietly while you browse. We won’t bite!

If you know of Merton Abbey Mills, please do tell your friends and family, remind them it’s there and click the link below to find out more about what’s been going on and what’s coming up at London’s best kept secret market (Camden… pfsst!)

I Swear It Wasn’t Me!

For those who aren’t familiar with UK’s Loose Women daytime TV show , it’s kind of the US equivalent of The View.¬†But evil!

It consists of a series of women who hate men and have somehow managed to get funding to produce a show where they cackle and brew potions live on TV in the pretence of a talk show. I am disappointed in certain cast members (Kate Thornton, I stuck up for you in the X Factor debacle) but others pinch a nerve with me. CAROL MCGIFFIN! This ‘loose’ woman hurts my senses. But I promise it was not me that did this: MSNUK report.

I by no way condone any kind of violence, but perhaps this was an act of God? I literally cringe and run out of the room whenever this show comes on the telly. It looks like I’m not alone in the world regarding the topic. Some random bloke took a disliking to her and walloped her one in the street. Whoops!¬†Glad she wasn’t hurt and took it light-heartedly, but to fully understand my opinion, please Google “Carol McGiffin” in images and you might get a glimpse of the horror that comes to UK daytime TV.

For legal reasons I must insist, IT WASN’T ME!

Infectious Laughter

Following on from my Jane Lynch post the other day, I feel urged to now post this. I love YouTube for providing me with daily laughs to perk me up from the daily grind. Here¬†is a collection of Phoebe Buffay’s¬†bloopers from Friends. Lisa Kudrow has one of the most infectious laughs I’ve ever heard and is guaranteed to have you chuckling along too.

Just Because…

Sue Sylvester is one of those tv characters that rarely comes along. Jane Lynch has created an amazingly twisted, evil (and yet likeable) adversary for those Gleeks that everyone is talking about. Attached is a link to the Sue Sylvester Facebook appreciation group. Why not join and receive your favourite Sue quotes via your news feed?!

New episode yesterday:

Sue: (to Santana) Oh, and Boobs McGee ‚Äď you’re demoted to the bottom of the pyramid so when it collapses your exploding sandbags will protect the squad from injury. Now take your juicy, vine ripened chest and get the hell out of my office.


Best of YouTube video


Urgh! This man grates on me. When he started out on mainstream radio via Capital FM he was initially funny but his arrogance has grown to beyond what I tolerate in everyday life. Why the BBC pay him at all is beyond me. He moans about not having been paid for two months. I haven’t had a paycheck for over a year. It’s called a recession jackass. Be grateful for the thousands of pounds you rake in each week for being obnoxious and big-headed. Hopefully your arrogance didn’t stop you from putting some of that money aside to tide you over like the rest of us had to. And for once I’m glad the TV licence fee has not gone in the pocket of a Beeb employee.

Full story here, via BBC News website.

Autonomous Quadrotor

We are doomed!

You’ve probably seen these gizmos somewhere before now, but engineers and scientists have only gone and given them an upgrade. From what I understand, the components remain virtually the same, but clever programming now allows the flying machines to do some pretty spectacular manoeuvres. For instance, as this video shows, they have the ability to¬†correct themselves from an awkward take off or sudden jolt and return to stable flight – all without human control. Also, and this is cool, they are able to fly through a hoop which has been thrown into the air, calculate where it needs to be and complete the manoeuvre without touching the sides of the hoop.

Pretty cool engineering but does this remind anyone of the Hunter Killers from the Terminator films? Complete with their own intelligence a la Skynet, these things single-handedly spell the end of human civilisation as we know it…but I’d still like one for Christmas.

Real-life Hunter Killer in action.

In Memoriam

I’ve been very busy over the past few days, but I wanted to make sure I posted a remembrance post for those who died on September 11th. I can’t believe it’s already 9 years since the terrorist attacks. I (as I’m sure everyone can) remember exactly my reaction and where I was on that Tuesday morning and the terrifying aftermath that followed it. I was working as a library assistant at the time and I remember a colleague telling me what was unfolding. I didn’t believe her at all initially and¬†went on to the internet to see for myself. The internet¬†was down as the servers had crashed with everyone attempting to access the news. Work halted and everyone surrounded the¬†tv in the video library¬†watching in stunned silence as the¬†news footage played. There was a sense of utter disbelief.

Nine years on and that feeling still remains for me. The scale of what happened was so unprecedented and unforeseen, it seemed unimaginable¬†that something like this could happen. Whatever the intent of the terrorists actions, they may not have accounted for what happened during the course of events during and immediately after the attacks. Unity. Rescuers worked tirelessly and determinedly sought¬†out unlikely survivors. Families came together¬†in hope. Strangers lent a helping hand to one another.¬†I hadn’t been to New York prior to 2001, but I made my first trip there in 2006 and then again in 2008. Even then in 2006, five years on, I felt a palpable sense of community in such a large city. The residents and workers in the city appeared to have formed a bond with one another and the city in itself. Quite remarkable.

So, now 9 years on, we remember those harrowing events and the men and women who lost their lives. God bless, you will not be forgotten.

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