Cat In A Bin

This story came out a few days ago, after CCTV footage caught this grey haired (I’m gonna call her old as well because she’s mean) lady stopping on a street to pet a friendly little kitten that had ambled up to her. It playfully jumped up onto the wall next to her for some attention, which she provided before callously grabbing it by the scruff and dumping it into the nearby wheelie-bin. The story was broadcast on the national news after RSPCA officials mounted a hunt for the devil woman. She was found and gave some stupid reasoning as to why she felt compelled to do what she did. Full story below. Needless to say she is a very strange individual and the kitten dislikes her very much!

Footage HERE

and full aftermath story HERE. She is facing criminal charges for cruelty to animals and rightly so!

Hello Bunny

Only in Japan! I’ve heard of Hello Kitty, but this is taking the carrott coloured pith. A coffee shop in Japan has opened with a rabbit theme. Apparently with strict animal ownership rules in Japan, a hole in the market has been found with this idea to be able to dine whilst getting to cuddle your favourite bunny. For a small fee, you can order rabbit themed dishes and then go for a cuddle with the shops domesticated bunnies out the back (away from the kitchen!)

To be clear there are NO rabbit dishes on the menu, just rabbit themed (e.g. in the shape of a rabbit) dishes. Sounds like a cute idea, although I hope these little Bugs aren’t being exploited. They have lives too y’know and I hope people aren’t constantly pestering them. I had two rabbits growing up: one grumpy and one insanely hyperactive and quirky. God bless Snowy and Humbug. Snowy was the grumpy one and Humbug used to do somersaults and lick your face. I have much respect for these animals, they’re very intelligent and awesome pets when looked after appropriately! More on this soon… ‘Cat in a Wheelie Bin Woman’, I’m coming after you next!

For bunny video please click here or on the picture.

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