You Again?!

It’s back…to take more of your hard-earned bread! If it didn’t quite make enough already at the box-office, Avatar is back again in the UK to be re-released at selected cinemas in a bonus Special Edition. Before you get too excited, untwist those panties, this special edition contains a whopping 8 minutes of extra footage. Was it not long enough? Now don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the original edit, but is this not a blatant case of milking? What could be in those extra 8 minutes? What does it take 8 minutes to do? Cue Jake flying a Mountain Banshee to the local Lidl, or Neytiri touching up her blue Max Factor? The last time I went to the flicks, a standard ticket set me back £13 for a two and a half hour movie (Inception – it was brilliant though). At that rate those extra 8 minutes are setting me back £1.63 a minute. My God I sound like a miser – Avatar: Special Edition I wish you every success!

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