Another very talented artist created this very playful animation drawing on retro video game inspiration. The compositing is amazing and clearly a lot of work went into making it.

As with The Third & The Seventh be sure to watch and in full screen. Link here.

Credits: Patrick Jean and One More Production

The Third & The Seventh

This video is nothing short of astonishing and I should’ve posted it ages ago. It was made by a very talented chap called Alex Roman.

Apart from how beautifully put together the film is and how soothing the music is (a revision of a track from Michael Nyman’s soundtrack to Gattaca), the true triumph here is the technical genius behind it, as for EVERYTHING you see is computer generated. I have never up until now seen such photo-realistic and natural CG/Animation before.

Click here and be sure to watch in HD if you can.

Credit: Alex Roman

What A Croc!

That's not a log!

It was reported on Friday that a couple of Frenchmen chilling out on the coast of France had spotted a crocodile cruising the waters of the English Channel. Beaches were closed and the local authorities and army mounted a search for the, long-way from home, beast. It was thought it must have escaped from a local zoo at first as it would be impossible for the cold-blooded creature to have swum all the way from its warmer home. How exciting! For a moment the English Channel became our very own Lake Placid. It would become the ‘Channel Crocodile’, a deadly fiend which would pick off lone fisherman, growing larger and stronger, moving on to devouring whole cross-channel ferries. The stuff of nightmares! 

However, the chances of this were dashed pretty abruptly yesterday when it was revealed the crocodile was in fact…a bit of driftwood. Not quite the same dramatic finale I was concocting in my mind. Glad no one got hurt though of course, driftwood can be deadly!

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